Iowa City Kickers Adult Soccer League

Futsal rules overview

Iowa City Kickers Adult Futsal League Rules Overview

Revised 12/25/2019

  1. The Iowa City Kickers soccer league reserves the right to change or amend these league rules at any time. If a change is made all team captains will be notified via email.
  2. Players must be 18 years old to play in the league.
  3. Players may not be added to a team's roster on the day of their game.
  4. All players must sign the waiver before entering the field of play.
  5. Any rule not covered in this overview document shall be covered by the Kickers rule book and the FIFA Laws of the game.
  6. All rulings made by the referee are final.
  7. 5 vs. 5 including goalies with "on the fly" substitution. (Player switches made at the Touch Line).
  8. Teams may request stop of play for Goalie substitutions. (during out of bounds play)
  9. Game last 45 minutes with no halftime.
  10. A minimum of 3 players are required to start a game.
  11. If a team is not ready to play within five minutes of start time they forfeit a 0-10 loss.
  12. Appropriate shin guards and socks are REQUIRED. Indoor soccer shoes are recommended. NO CLEATS.
  13. There is no offsides rule in the Kickers Futsal league.
  14. No slide tackling is allowed around opposing players. "Slide tackling" prohibition may also include falling or other potentially dangerous play near the feet or legs of other players at the discretion of the referee. All players should stay on their feet. Slide Tackles in the Penalty Area with contact, results in a Penalty Kick. Slide Tackles in the Penalty Area without contact, results in a free kick at the spot infraction.
  15. No jewelry, watches, etc. shall be worn during a game to prevent injury. If instructed to remove jewelry a player must comply before continuing to play.
  16. No alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed in or around the facility.
  17. Teams are required to clean up their team area after their game.
  18. Excessive fouling, language, fighting or other poor behavior will not be tolerated and may result in ejection at the discretion of the referee. City Parks and Recreation rules of conduct are to be followed.
  19. Any player that is given a red card is not allowed to play in any other league games for the rest of that day. Longer suspension are at the discretion of Iowa City Kickers.
  20. All free kicks are direct (including kick-ins).
  21. During a free kick the opposing team must be at least 3 yards (9 feet) from the ball.
  22. If the ball touches the roof or other part of the building while inbounds, a kick-in is awarded as specified in the Laws Of The Game.
  23. Penalty kicks are taken from the top of the three point arc (edge of the penalty "box").
  24. A contact foul or handball in the Penalty Area results in a Penalty Kick.
  25. Impeding and other traditionally indirect kicks result in free kicks at spot of infraction, not a PK.
  26. There are no goal kicks. Any goal kick scenario results in a "Goal Clearance"
  27. Rules for a "Goal Clearance"

  1. The goalkeeper must throw or roll the ball. No kicking.
  2. The goalie must remain in the 3-point area/goalie zone.
  3. The ball must leave the goalie zone before any other player may touch it.
  4. The ball must touch a person or the ground before completely crossing the half court line.
  5. The goalie CAN NOT drop the ball to him/herself
  6. After a save/pick-up the goalkeeper may play the ball out by feet, drop kick, or throw.
  1. To determine placement in the season ending tournament games will be scored as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and no points for a loss. If a team wins due to a forfeit they shall be awarded 3 points for a 10-0 victory. The following tie breakers shall be used: Head to head outcomes, least goals scored against and if necessary a coin flip.
  2. Input is welcome from all players. Please direct all input and questions to